Ripe Date, Honey & Peanut Butter Gift Set

Organic Dates, 500g

Pistachio Dark Chocolate Butter, Ripe

Local Sidr Honey 200g, Ripe

Qty: 1
168 AED


The Ripe Sidr Honey is a 200g bottle, made from bees who only feed on the nectar of the Sidr tree. Sidr tree has been historically sacred and it has been used to promote health and healing in various ways.

The Ripe Khalas Dates  is a 500g pack, which have a hearty Flavor and a butter- caramel taste. It contain essential minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. Also, found in dates along with vitamins A and K.

The Ripe Pistachio Dark chocolate butter, is a 200g bottle made out of Pistachio and Dark chocolate 10%

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