Maker Spotlight: Malini from Saante Self-Care

We caught up with Malini, the founder of Saante Self-Care and her story as a Dubai-based maker. From a table at the Ripe Market, Zaa’beel Park to a stall at the Ripe Market, Academy Park her journey with Ripe has been nothing short of incredible. Saante Self-Care was also in Ripe By The Bay last year and can be found in our indoor markets during summer.

‘We have grown and formed a loyal customer base thanks to our consistency and Ripe’s ability to constantly innovate and have a market that that everyone here in the UAE loves.’

When asked why she started Saante Self-care, Malini says it was a natural progression after working in the Beauty and Wellness industry for over 45 years. Her motivations arise from a desire to help others, and she can share her enthusiasm with a larger audience through a product line.

Deeply inspired by her mother, who constantly dabbled with creating homemade natural skincare products, she always wanted to help and heal people. She became passionate about understanding people’s ailments and problem areas. For over 45 years, she has researched and developed revolutionary techniques & combinations that activate, regenerate and heal skin and hair issues on a deeper level.  A complete extrovert by nature, Malini has always practiced what she preaches, and her products are loved not only because they work but also because anyone who has met Malini knows they are a result of a lifelong passion with absolute attention to detail.

Malini is a health & beauty therapist & Aromatherapist, trained in the UK. She is also a Reiki master, reflexologist and an Ayurveda practitioner. With 45 years of experience in the wellness & beauty industry, she also spearheaded the award-winning Splendour beauty Salon in Dubai that opened its doors 20 years ago.

“Saante Self-Care is so much more than a brand for me. It is my life and my lifestyle. Someone once said, ‘if you love what you do; you will never have to work another day in your life’. That sums up my relationship with Saante. I am motivated by the goodwill of my work and being the best in my field; not in competition with others but in competing only with myself.

Saante Self-Care pride themselves in their constant endeavor to produce clean, natural and energized products that have been tried & tested through decades. Devoid of toxic chemicals – Saante’s products comprise of well researched natural herbs & plant extracts that work on all levels in the body to promote overall balanced healing.

What is Malini’s favorite aspect of her job? Simple. When people return to express that using Saante’s products has restored their confidence – whether it’s because their aches and pains have disappeared, their hair has begun to grow, or their complexion has never looked better.

Malini’s main advise for flourishing as a SME in Dubai is to be consistent, enjoy your day, and have the conviction that tomorrow will be better. Consistency is important because it fosters trust and loyalty.

Be sure to stop by Saante Self-Care stand and say hello to Malini and her husband, Deepak at the Ripe Market, Academy Park every weekend.

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