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Born in Mumbai, India, Rashi studied for her Masters degree in clinical nutrition and worked as a nutritionist in Mumbai before moving to Dubai six years ago, joining her husband, who had moved to the UAE the year before. “I used to visit Dubai with family as a child and I loved the city even back then when all it had to offer was Lamcy Plaza and Burjuman to shop at,” she says. “Even back then, as a child, something about Dubai just got me really excited. I guess to me it’s always felt like this city has a very progressive vibe. A lot of people think it’s got no soul but even back then I disagreed with that.”


Rashi has worked as a nutritionist since she arrived in Dubai, but, motivated by her frustration at people’s lack of knowledge about nutrition, she started her own bakery, The Protein Bake Shop, in 2013. All Rashi’s products are grain-free, high protein, paleo-friendly and free from refined sugar, and the current range comprises 15 desserts and snacks, available in 10 outlets in Dubai and also in Mumbai. “Being a nutritionist has always given me the opportunity to educate and inform people about how to eat better and to live better and to me The Protein Bake Shop has just extended that opportunity and reach even further,” she says.


Growing up in the suburbs of Mumbai, every room in Rashi’s childhood home faced the beach. “Going to the beach here in Dubai makes me feel closer to home,” she says. “It keeps me grounded. It reminds me of who I was and who I am choosing to become.” The clinic in which Rashi works is just two minutes from Jumeirah Beach, and she visits the beach at least twice a week. “If I have any time free in the day, I love sneaking there for a quick refreshing break with a cup of Raw Coffee from Surf House Dubai,” she says.


“Of course, this is only possible only during winter, but life feels pretty awesome when I’m holding some hot coffee in my hands, the cold waves are kissing my feet and I know I have very little time to enjoy it because I have my next appointment to rush to. Too much of it would take away from the experience.” In the summer Rashi enjoys running on the beach after work to clear her mind. “I’m happy to sweat it out during summer. Most people feel uncomfortable, but I quite enjoy it. And now, with all the newly constructed running tracks in place, its’ so much easier.”


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