Organic Castor Seeds Oil, Aroma Tierra

Qty: 1
57.75 AED

  • 30ml
  • Organic


  • 100% Pure & Natural | Virgin | Cold Pressed | Unprocessed | Not refined
  • Hexane Free | NO chemicals | NO heavy metal | NO solvents | NO preservatives
  • Not Processed | Not Refined | Not decolorized | Not de-odorized | Not extracted using solvents
  • Ingredients – 100% Pure Castor Seed Oil | Crop origin – India | Botanical name – Ricinus Communis Seed Oil
  • Top benefits – Excellent for hair-care and skin-care, promotes hair growth, treats scalp infections, prevents hair fall, prevents premature graying, treats dry and damaged hair, heals inflamed skin, fades blemishes and pigmentation, reduces stretch marks, and fights acne, helps in delaying the signs of ageing, promotes faster healing of wounds, relieves joint and muscle aches, and promotes digestive health

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