Qty: 1
44.10 AED

  • 1.5-2 Kg
  • Organic
  • Local


As a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, the watermelon is related to the cantaloupe, squash and pumpkin, other plants that also grow on vines on the ground. Watermelons can be round, oblong or spherical in shape and feature thick green rinds that are often spotted or striped. They range in size from a few pounds to upward of ninety pounds.


Once cut, watermelons should be refrigerated in order to best preserve their freshness, taste and juiciness. If the whole watermelon does not fit in your refrigerator, cut it into pieces (as few as possible), and cover them with plastic wrap to prevent them from becoming dried out and from absorbing the odours of other foods.


Cut in half whichever way you like, then scoop out the seeds, together with any fibrous bits, with a spoon, then slice into wedges. Great for juicing and when using organic – juice the rind too as its packed with nutrients !

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