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  • Organic


Zucchini, Green

Also, called as courgette, has its origin in America and is available on the market in yellow, green and light green. The shape of this small summer squash resembles that of a ridged cucumber and features numerous seeds.


Handle zucchini with care as they are easily damaged. Zucchini should be kept in the fridge. Younger zucchini should be wrapped to keep soft, whereas more mature ones will have a tougher skin and should be fine left loose.


Zucchinis don?t need to be peeled and whether dark green, light green, striped or yellow can all be used the same way. Why not use different colours in the same recipe or remove strips of peel with a vegetable peeler to make them look more interesting. Wash and cut the ends off. Slice, dice, stuff or cook whole. Saute, boil, steam, deep-fry, bake, microwave or barbecue but only until just cooked and still crisp, about 3-4 minutes. Use zucchini raw in salads or with dips or cook and serve as a vegetable, add to soups, casseroles, pies, cakes, breads, souffles, fritters and muffins. Zucchini flowers are sometimes available and can be stuffed and cooked.

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