Figs Jam Ripe

Strawberry Jam, Ripe

Qty: 1
147 AED


The Ripe Dates is a 500g pack, which have a hearty flavor and a butter -caramel taste. It contains essential minerals such as calcium, iron Phosphorus, magnesium and zine.

The Ginger Jam is 200g bottle, made out of Ginger, Honey and Orange /lemon.

The Ripe Figs Jam is 220g bottle,  made out of Fresh figs, lemon juice and raw sugar (20%). It has a unique taste and goes perfectly with either sweet or savory dishes like scones, muffins, breads or cheese.

The Ripe Strawberry Jam is 220g bottle, made out of fresh Strawberries, lemon juice, raw sugar (20%)

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