Psychedelic Salad Rolls

Psychedelic Salad Rolls

You will surely love these springrolls aside from their bright colorful appearance.


  • 1 Organic Cabbage, Red
  • 5 Organic Carrots with leaves
  • 2 Organic Avocado
  • 1 Organic Beetroot
  • 6 tbsp lime juice Organic Lemon
  • 1 tbsp Maple Syrup Glass, Shady
  • 8 Rice Paper Wraps


1. Prepare your veg: grate your cabbage and your carrots, slice your beet, radish and avocado (a mandolin comes in handy here).
2. To make the sauce: combine all ingredients in a jar and shake until combined.
3. To assemble your wraps: fill a large bowl with hot water. Insert one rice paper wrap at a time for 20 seconds. This is all the time it needs to soften. Carefully, remove from water and place on your flat surface. Arrange vegetables in the center, and roll your wrap like a burrito to finish.
4. Dip generously in sauce and enjoy.


4 people

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