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  • Organic


Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats (1kg)

Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats – selected for you naturally. Organic agriculture uses systems that promote the environmentally sound production of food, using local soil fertility as a key to successful production. Organic farming is subject to the most stringent regulations and is strictly monitored by the Organic Trust Limited. The organic pack design is derived from an original Flahavan’s design from the 1940’s.

Flahavan’s Certified Organic IE-ORG-03 EU AGRICULTURE


Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats (1kg) 1kg Paper Bag. Oats, Cereals & Granola, Organic, Vegan, MSG Free, Non GMO, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavours, No Artificial Colours, No Trans Fat, No Cholesterol, Dairy Free, Lactose Free.



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