Let’s Hydrate in a Cool Way

Staying hydrated is key under the desert sun! But we all know water can be boring and will make you crave for sugary drinks… but that’s a no-no! So we made a list of infused ice cubes you can do in your kitchen and your hydration will be cooler than ever!

Citrus Mix

Dice or squeeze your citrus options and add sparkling water until tray is filled. Mix and match the citruses below as you please:


Lime and Mint

Squeeze in some lime juice, add some zest and a few leaves of mint in your sparkling or still water and put it in the tray – perfect for your mocktails with friends without the sugar rush!

Pineapple and Coconut Milk

Dice some pineapple and fill each cube of the tray and fill with coconut milk. Blend in the morning for a healthy breakfast smoothie and top with some coconut chips for the extra crunch!

Berry and Lemon

This is perfect addition to your fruity iced tea! Dice your strawberries or just drop your blueberries in, squeeze in some lemon juice and some lemon zest, add some chilled tea and voila!

Lemon, Ginger and Honey

This is a classic additional to your iced teas! So ditch the water ice cubes and freeze lemon juice with a few ginger cubes with a little honey!

Watermelon Cubes

Do you have some leftover watermelon? Dice them up splash with some lemon juice and freeze!

So stay hydrated this summer by finding everything that you need here!



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